The car that marked the revival of Toyota’s sports car generation will now give drivers even more of the agility, style and responsiveness they crave. The detail-obsessed Toyota Gazoo Racing team brings improved handling and exterior aerodynamics, increased power and an upgraded interior for this lap. These changes earn it a Gazoo Racing badge as it joins Toyota’s ever-growing global sports car lineup as the all-new 2022 GR 86.

More Information About Toyota GR 86 2022:

It dropped from zero to 60, from 7 to 6.1 seconds for MT, and from 8 to 6.6 seconds for AT.

In vehicles available in two classes, GR 86 and GR 86 Premium, it will be used accordingly. Premium quality pleases with a rear duckbill spoiler that adds dynamic lines to the car’s sporty feel.

The cabin has seat fronts with deep scoop design and side ventilation in the violoncello models of the driver and passenger in the religious vehicle. GR 86 Premium class seats, derived from Alcantara. Leather-trimmed driver touchpoints and silver accents also add a racing-inspired touch to the cabin.

With its wide stance and low center of gravity, the 2+2 rear-wheel drive coupe’s handling changes come in the form of front and rear frame reinforcements that increase rigidity. Functional exterior air vents have also been added to further support steering stability. Weight-shaving details like aluminum roof panels and fenders also kept it at a nimble curb weight of just over 2,800lb.

The 2.4L naturally aspirated, horizontally opposed four-cylinder boxer engine brings the power boost – increasing from 205 to 228 hp and from 156 to 184 lb.-ft. torque in the manual version. The power increase comes from tweaks such as increased bore size, changes in intake and exhaust systems, and optimization of the Toyota D-4S dual injection technology. Drivers will have the option of a 6-speed manual (MT) or automatic transmission (AT).

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