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Hey everybody. Welcome to etrailer.com. I’m Bobby. And today we’re taking a look at the Kuat NV 2.0 base platform rack, for two bikes on our 2021 Toyota RAV4. Now this is gonna be a nice sleek way of getting your bikes to the trail with you. And as you can probably see, we do have a tire hold element.

So if you’re looking for a way of getting those carbon frame bikes on the road with you, this is gonna be a great option, as we won’t have any frame contact, So we are gonna be able to get those, lightweight carbon frames up on here. However, with the 60 pound weight capacity per bike we are gonna get some of our heavier bikes especially like those e-bikes up on here. Just make sure we take it off those battery packs, of course, on that e-bike when we get up here and because we are utilizing a tire hold and we won’t have to be worrying about how our frames are. We are going to fit a multitude of our different bikes up on here, including those women bikes, step-through bikes and even those kiddo bikes, with no trouble at all. Which is great.

Gives you a big advantage over those hanging style bikes. As we just have to worry about our tires. Taking a look here and you can see it’s a very nice stable platform, gonna be doing a very good job of holding our bikes up on the road with us as we go. Take a look at these arms, you can see pretty easy to swing those away and taking a look at the platform itself. It’s got a nice matte black finish, gonna hold up really well to the weather.

The only issues I could see it being with, if we’re not treating it nicely with our bikes as we get ‘em up on there. However putting our wheels on here, gonna be treating it quite well. And another thing I’d like to point out are these sliding cradles, as you can see, makes it for a lot of different uses for different kind of bikes on here. We can get those really, really tiny short bikes up on here. And even these very big monstrous long bikes, with no issue at all.

That cradle, very easy to swap. And again, this plastic stripping on here. Very, very nice as well. And inside here, we see that we have just a little bit of rubber matting on the inside. Gonna be doing a good job of securing our wheel to our platform without kind of any damage to that rim. So very easy to use ratchet system, as you can see, just pulling that through, tightening down our wheel to our platform. And again, the platform itself as mentioned, getting a lot of wide spread here, kinda has a nice little beveled edge to it, kinda going towards the middle, as you can see, and slipping off to the sides, not to have any weather buildup. So that’s quite good for us. And at the very end we have an integrated cable lock. I really like these being right on the end. A lot of times you start seeing them being in the middle and then you really have to kinda worry about getting inside your bikes, you know, and usually have to string one end on the other. What’s great about these, you actually have both cable locks on both different sides, so you’re getting integrated cable locks but for each bike specific, making that tie down just that much easier. And those also will be keyed-alike. So that makes it way easier for us to not have to worry about which key goes to where. Another great thing with this too, you can see we have a very large open wheel cradle here, you see gonna have that nice standard groove in the middle, getting most of the standard and the smaller mountain bikes. This beveled edge on the side here, doing a good job getting those mountain bikes and those bigger bikes and even the wider crater for some of those fat tire bikes on here as well. So very, very versatile system. As you can see too, this arm, gonna be very easy to sling down, just starts ratcheting in. You see that’s gonna go to our tire, doing a good job of actually holding our bikes on here. Very easy to use. You can see that won’t come up at all, without us pressing in that lever. Very easy to use. I like the matte black. It’s very sleek. You see some of the Kuat designs. They start adding a little bit of that orange play in there. And it definitely looks good. I kinda like how sporty this one looks, especially on the RAV4. Fits is pretty nicely. Another great thing with this too though, it does have a lot of versatility in the mechanics itself. We do have a hatch that we want to utilize. So let’s go ahead and see how we can do that. Th

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