【YouTube】日産 ノート オーラ e-POWER エンジンスタート#Shorts Nissan Note Aura e-POWER engine start #shorts




I was able to experience the Nissan Note Aura e-POWER. A new notebook was announced and released, and the design was simple, but it was very cool and stimulated the sensibility. It is a Europeanist and has a scent like an imported car. This time, the name Aura was added, and I was interested in it, and I was able to test drive and experience it. What surprised me was that when driving on general roads, urban areas, highways, etc., vibrations rarely invade the inside of the car, and the quietness of the interior combined with the leather and wood grain interior makes it possible to drive with high quality that surpasses that of compact cars. I was able to experience it. Impression that the interior is really well made. The overall width is 20 mm wider than the notebook, and it seems that it leads to stable running, powerful and smooth acceleration by e-POWER, motor, e-pedal, vehicle stop due to motor resistance, propilot Such as, flickering a high-tech side. Previously, Vitz (Yaris) appeared from Toyota and became a boom. Even though it is a compact car, it seems to be something attractive. Did this note aura create a new genre by adding high-quality exquisite spices to the compact car in addition to technical matters? It may be interesting to compare it with the Volkswagen Polo, but I realized that the Note Aura is a compact car with such a high degree of perfection.

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