【YouTube】New Toyota GR Yaris 2021 – Small Powerful Car


The all-new Toyota GR Yaris is (pretty loosely) based on the latest version of the dinky Yaris and packs serious performance thanks to plenty of mechanical upgrades developed through Toyota’s World Rally programme.

Just take one look at it – that’s not the face of a car that’ll spend its life pottering to the Post Office, is it? The standard car’s grumpy, downturned grille has been ditched in favour of a huge, barn-door-like opening in the front bumper with enough mesh to keep all the colonel’s chickens safely cooped-up.

Add to this some gaping air intakes, contrasting black trims and a set of wheel arches so swollen that someone should pass the GR Yaris a giant icepack, and you’ve got yourself a seriously menacing little hot hatch. In fact, it’s our favourite hot hatch – picking up the Best Hot Hatch and the overall winner of the 2021 carwow Car of the Year Awards.

The GR Yaris’ roof is 10cm lower than the standard car’s, and it’s made from carbon fibre – just like on a BMW M4. You also get a unique three-door layout instead of the standard Yaris’ boxier five-door shape. The changes at the GR Yaris’ back end are comparatively subtle but include a pair of real exhaust pipes and a slim rear diffuser – although this probably does little to improve the Yaris’ aerodynamics..
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Translated titles:
신규 Toyota GR Yaris 2021-작고 강력한 자동차

Ny Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Liten kraftig bil

Nowość Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Mały mocny samochód

Ny Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Liten kraftfull bil

Новинка Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Невеликий потужний автомобіль

חדש Toyota GR Yaris 2021-מכונית קטנה וחזקה

新款 Toyota GR Yaris 2021-小型強力車

Ny Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Lille kraftfuld bil

Nieuw Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Kleine Krachtige Auto

Νέο Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Μικρό Ισχυρό Αυτοκίνητο

Nuevo Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Coche pequeño y potente

Neu Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Kleines starkes Auto

Nouveau Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Petite voiture puissante

Novo Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Carro Pequeno e Potente

جديد Toyota GR Yaris 2021-سيارة صغيرة قوية

Новы Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Маленькі магутны аўтамабіль

Novità Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Macchina piccola e potente

新車ToyotaGR Yaris2021-小型パワフルカー

Новый Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Маленький мощный автомобиль

Yeni Toyota GR Yaris 2021-Küçük Güçlü Araba

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