【YouTube】Toyota RAV4 (2019-2021): VIOFO T130 Review And Hardwiring. Parking Mode Works!


In this video, we will show the installation of the Viofo T130 3 Channel Dash Cam in the 2020 Toyota RAV4.

1. VIOFO T130 3CH FRONT INSIDE/CABIN REAR 1440P+1080P+1080P TRIPLE CHANNEL CAR DASH CAMERA – https://shrsl.com/38z08.
2. TYPE-C HK3-C HARDWIRE KIT CABLE FOR A139 2CH/3CH DASH CAMERA – https://shrsl.com/38yzp.
3. VIOFO WEBSITE – https://shrsl.com/38yzu.

We will show you how to install the dashcam and the hardwiring cable. Installation of the hardwiring cable will enable the parking mode in the T130. This will allow the dashcam to record what’s is going on outside of the RAV4 after you leave the vehicle. Since the T130 has three cameras, all three cameras will be recording video simultaneously in the parking mode.

Dash Cam comes with a 2K (2560×1440 30fps) resolution front camera, Full HD (1920×1080 30fps) infrared interior camera, and Full HD (1920×1080 30fps) rear camera.

Viofo T130 comes with a horizontally rotatable Interior camera which will allow you to record what is going on behind the driver’s window. If a Police officer stops you, you will be able to easily film the whole conversation.

Viofo T130 also has the following features: Superior IR Night Vision, Voice Notification, Emergency Lock, Super Capacitor, Buil-In WiFi, GPS, Sony Image Sensor, Parking Mode, Wide-angle front (140°), interior(165°), and rear (130°).

Watch How We Did Installation Of VIOFO A139 In 2020 Toyota RAV4 – https://youtu.be/6abEoShmv3g.

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