【YouTube】Toyota Corolla (E210, 2018) rear wiper


This is the 12th generation Corolla Sport, which released in June 2018 in Japan, and added Sedan and Touring in September 2019, added Corolla Cross in September 2021.

カローラ・スポーツ | Corolla Sport (E210H, 2018)

室内から | inside view

運転席から | driver’s view

運転席から後ろのワイパーを見た | rear wiper look back from driver’s seat

後ろのワイパー | rear wiper

Aピラーの拭き残し | A pillar side unwiped area

運転席前の扇形 | fan shape unwiped area

助手席前の三角形 | passenger side unwiped area

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