【YouTube】Toyota Corolla (E210, 2018) wipers


拭き残し→Aピラー 4.0cm、運転席前の扇形 7.0cm、助手席前の三角形 7.0cm、室内からのワイパー見え有り。

“Japan Wiper of the Year” evaluation criteria
1) Unwiped area at A Pillar side; 4.0cm
2) Fan-shaped unwiped area in front of the driver seat; 7.0cm
3) Triangle unwiped area in front of the passenger seat; 7.0cm
4) Visibility of the wipers from inside when not in use; visible

This is the 12th generation Corolla Sport, which released in June 2018 in Japan, and added Sedan and Touring in September 2019, added Corolla Cross in September 2021.
The car width of the Corolla Sport is 1,790mm, while the Sedan and Touring are 1,745mm, so I shot and measured both to see if the front windshield and wiper had the same basic design, but the were the same.
TNGA was adopted by Toyota’s 2015 policy of “Making Ever-bitter Cars”, but it seemed that there was no uniform standard or improvement regarding the remaining wiper wipe.
However, that is not a bad thing. Because by concentrating resources where customers can feel, Toyota can achieve good product characteristics at low cost. Resources are not inexhaustible, so it is not enough to do anything.
It is a shame that “Japan Wiper of the Year” does not stand out, but I think it is a Toyota like good product.

新旧カローラ | previous and current Corolla
並べて見比べる | compare

11代目 | 11th (E160, 2012) JPN original model

12代目 | 12th (E210H, 2018)

TNGA-Cの各車両 | TNGA-C cars;
プリウス | Prius (VW50, 2015)

C-HR (GX10, 2016)

カローラ・スポーツ | Corolla Sport (E210H, 2018)

カローラ・クロス | Corolla Cross (XG10, 2021)

カローラ・スポーツ | Corolla Sport (E210H, 2018)

室内から | inside view

運転席から | driver’s view

運転席から後ろのワイパーを見た | rear wiper look back from driver’s seat

後ろのワイパー | rear wiper

Aピラーの拭き残し | A pillar side unwiped area

運転席前の扇形 | fan shape unwiped area

助手席前の三角形 | passenger side unwiped area

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