【YouTube】2022 Toyota RAV4 LTD (XA50 – 5th Gen) – POV City Drive


Point-of-view driving video of the 2022 RAV4 LTD (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) filmed during the 8th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) which was held from September 15 to 18, 2022 in World Trade Center, Pasay City. In this car event, there were different cars from different participating brands displayed in the halls of World Trade Center and there were also cars available for test drives outside the venue. Thank you to Mr. Ariel Mercadero from Toyota Pasong Tamo, Inc. for the assistance during the test drive. Thank you to Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines for setting this car event up and to Toyota Philippines for participating in the said event and offering the opportunity of test driving their vehicles.

This video was filmed on September 18, 2022.

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2022 Toyota RAV4 LTD (XA50 – 5th Gen)
Engine: 2.5-liter Inline-4 – DOHC VVT-iE (Intake), VVT-I (Exhaust)
176HP; 221NM
Electric Motor: 118HP
Combined output: 215HP
Transmission and Drivetrain: CVT | FWD
Price as tested: Php 2,515,000 (inclusive of Php 15,000 additional price for pearl white option)

Impressions/observations during the test drive:
The exterior design of the RAV4 uses some sharp angles and lines, which make it look aggressive and sporty – but not too much though, which is good. It is nice that the rear exhaust tips are real and are not just simulated fake ones which is something many car companies use on their car designs like MG on their ZS T. Overall, the exterior design of the RAV4 is not boring and is more eye-catching compared to the GAC GS4, but is just a little bit less aggressive and sporty than the Changan CS35. In the inside, the RAV4 has some nice quality surfaces and good space. Its design is less sporty than the CS35’s and MG HS Trophy’s as those two have more sporty-themed designs in the interior. The RAV4’s interior design is more on the minimalist side with its black theme.
The engine of this car is powerful and fun to accelerate with. It is responsive when accelerating and overtaking other cars, especially in sport mode and given the fact that there is an engine and electric motor working together to move this car. The way that the battery and gasoline engine work together is smooth, which is a good thing. There is not much vibrations felt from the engine too even under heavy acceleration, which makes the car comfortable to be in. In low speed driving and in idle, it is also quite silent which adds more to its comfort. It is obvious when the electric motor is doing work of moving the car though, as a faint electric motor whining sound is audible, especially during low speeds. The gas and brake pedals of the car are responsive with inputs being received by the car reliably. Its steering is light which makes it easy to drive around. These features of the car make it an ideal city car as one can just drive purely on electric mode to save some fuel. On the other hand, it can also be used for fun driving and/or long-range driving since there is still a gasoline engine on board which one can use if one would like or need so. It also has some nice safety features such as blind spot monitoring which gives alerts when something is in the blind spot and lane guidance system which will alert the driver when they are drifting away from a lane. With that said, one would not need to be worried all the time regarding the range and charging time of the electric motor, since that is charged by the gasoline engine.

00:00 – Walkaround
00:40 – Casual driving
04:50 – Quicker-paced driving (Sport mode)
07:30 – Acceleration
07:50 – Casual driving


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