【YouTube】New 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross H2 – Compact Crossover Family SUV


Toyota unveiled a hydrogen-powered vehicle in the form of a Corolla Cross. The concept features a one-of-a-kind configuration in which the internal combustion engine will be calibrated to use hydrogen gas as a fuel source to generate power. Toyota has always worked on green mobility solutions, combining them with feasible, practical, and affordable methods to offer to the general public. That precedent has been set since the introduction of the Prius plug-in hybrid. It intends to enter the hydrogen-powered future race with this Corolla Cross hydrogen vehicle.

The vehicle has a crossover silhouette in terms of design. At the front, there is a sleek headlamp cluster with a massive radiator grille area to allow fresh air into the engine. In addition, there is a tough skid plate and a distinctive black housing for the grille. Aside from that, the heavy side body cladding and prominent squared wheel arches enhance the crossover’s SUV-like characteristics. At the back, there is a shark fin antenna and a wrap-around taillamp design pattern.

The H2 Concept measures 4,490 mm long, 1,825 mm wide, 1,620 mm high, and has a 2,640 mm wheelbase. This means that if it comes to our market, it will be classified as a mid-size SUV.

By equipping the 1.6l 3-cylinder turbo engine from the GR Corolla with high-pressure hydrogen direct injection engine technology from motorsport activity, and adding the hydrogen tank packaging know-how from Mirai, Toyota was able to create a Corolla Cross H2 hydrogen prototype that can transport 5 passengers and their luggage. Real-world evaluation is currently being carried out alongside ongoing digital development, with the vehicle soon to begin winter testing in northern Japan.

Key merits of hydrogen combustion include the ability to leverage existing internal combustion engine technologies, quick refuelling times, and the clear reduction in the use and necessity for limited supply elements like lithium and nickel. By adapting existing technologies and further leveraging existing investments, hydrogen combustion could lead to widespread, accessible carbon-reduction solutions faster.

Today, Toyota is around 40% along the path to commercialisation of products such as the Corolla Cross H2 Concept. It is not yet possible to say if the technology will reach maturity for road cars, but there is without doubt a clear opportunity in motorsports.


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