【YouTube】Toyota Just MADE IT HAPPEN: 2024 Toyota C-HR Electrified!


Toyota Just MADE IT HAPPEN: 2024 Toyota C-HR Electrified!

Finallyyyy…The C-HR Prologue is a concept car that provides a sneak peek at how the second generation of the C-HR crossover will seem when unveiled!!! It was the highlight of Toyota’s ‘Kenshiki’ event, and obviously, it rocked it! The event focused on the company’s plans for the future and took place recently. And The striking outside design to “TOUCH THE PERFECTION” is accompanied by the proclamation of increased cabin room and the incorporation of plug-in hybrid propulsion. Lets take a sneak peek at the all-new Toyota’s 2024 C-HR here at TECH ADDICTS !

Toyota has created a new design motif for the front of its cars, one that it refers to as the ‘hammerhead face,’ after the shark of the same name, as the need for large radiator grilles reduces and LED technology allows for ever-slimmer headlights. This is because LED technology allows for ever-slimmer headlights. It has already been seen on the new Toyota Prius, along with the bZ compact SUV concept car, and it will continue to be shown on the C-HR Prologue.

Expect the 2024 C-HR that will be sold in Irish showrooms to feature a slightly toned-down take on the design of the Prologue’s nose, but you should still anticipate that it will look very similar. Toyota managed to pull off the same trick in the transition from the Prologue to the production car for the Aygo X.

Regarding this same topic, take a look at the eye-catching rear end of the C-HR, which has a sizable section of contrasting black color and is reminiscent of what is offered on the Aygo X. It makes use of the popularity of the bi-tone paint option that was available on the previous generation of the C-HR and significantly expanded upon it. The C-HR has large-diameter alloy wheels, similar to those found on the Aygo X, and low overhangs, both of which contribute to the vehicle’s presence and stance. In spite of appearances, we anticipate that it will be a larger automobile.

Toyota has added a third color to the proceedings, a metallic orange that it calls “sulphur,” which is used on the trailing edge of the shapely roof, within the stylized rear diffuser, and within the front apron. Intricate rear lights enhance the appearance even further, and Toyota has also added a third color to the proceedings.

Coming soon: a plug-in hybrid C-HR
Even though Toyota has not revealed what the interior of the Prologue looks like, the automaker has stated unequivocally that the plug-in hybrid powertrain will be available as an option for the first time ever in the 2024 production model. It is anticipated that it would make use of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) powertrain that is based on a 2.0-liter gasoline engine and a 13.6-kWh battery pack that is found in the new Prius. If this is the case, it will have an output of approximately 223 horsepower and an electric range of somewhere around 70 kilometers. At this early stage, it is not known whether an all-wheel-drive variant will be produced or not.

No battery-powered C-HR?
After the recent unveiling of the new Toyota Prius, onlookers were left wondering why the company did not plan to produce an electric version of the vehicle. It is important to note that Toyota does not use the same underpinnings for its electric vehicles and its vehicles powered by internal combustion engines since the automaker believes that doing so would result in an unacceptable level of compromise. Because of this, there won’t be an all-electric version of the C-HR.

However, all is not lost because Toyota has stated that it will be offering six different “bZ” (beyond Zero) automobiles by the year 2026. Additionally, the newly released bZ compact SUV prototype will transform into an electric car that will be of similar size and shape to the C-HR.


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