【YouTube】Toyota Landcruiser Prado (J150W, 2009) wipers, driver’s view


拭き残し→Aピラー 4.5cm、運転席前の扇形 6.0cm、助手席前の三角形 5.0cm、室内からのワイパー見え有り

“Japan Wiper of the Year” evaluation criteria
1) Unwiped area at A Pillar side; 4.5cm
2) Fan-shaped unwiped area in front of the driver seat; 6.0cm
3) Triangle unwiped area in front of the passenger seat; 5.0cm
4) Visibility of the wipers from inside when not in use; visible

This is the 4th generation Toyota LandCruiser Prado, which released in September 2009 in Japan.
Since SUVs and minivans sit higher than the front windshield, the wipers need to focus on wiping the upper side of the front windshield, in order to comply with each regulations.
And compared to sedans and hatchbacks, “Fan-shaped unwiped area in front of the driver seat” and “Triangle unwiped area in front of the passenger seat” tends to be large.
The front windshield of LandCruiser Prado is standing, and it is smaller than SUVs that are in fashion now, so the unwiped area is small.
Please compare it with other SUVs.

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ランドクルーザー・プラド | Landcruiser Prado (J150W, 2009)

トヨタ ランドクルーザー・プラド | Toyota Landcruiser Prado (J150W, 2009)

室内から | inside view

運転席から | driver’s view

Aピラーの拭き残し | A pillar side unwiped area

運転席前の扇形 | fan shape unwiped area

助手席前の三角形 | passenger side unwiped area

後ろのワイパー | rear wiper

運転席から後ろのワイパーを見た | rear wiper look back from driver’s seat

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