【YouTube】New Mazda CX 60 In Depth UK Review 2023Refreshing and Classy?


The Mazda CX-60 aims to establish Mazda in the premium part of the upper mid-sized SUV segment. In this, it’ll be aided by sharp driving dynamics, a refreshing different and rather classy cabin and the option of a PHEV powertrain with a 39 mile driving range. It’s most affordable than obvious rivals, better equipped – and really rather different.

Mazda thinks differently – and continues to do so with this car, CX-60. This SUV is the largest model the brand has made in recent times and in this Plug-in Hybrid form, the fastest too. The platform’s all- new and there’s a hand-finished ‘Crafted in Japan’ design ethos that the company hopes will propel this car into contention with premium rivals.

Previous Mazda followers will be interested to see if the brand’s usual sharp handling has been preserved by this 2.1-tonne SUV; the company promises it’s snappily-titled ‘Skyactiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture’ platform will help deliver that. It’s a chassis that’s made possible the introduction of a PHEV powertrain – the company’s very first. And a pair of more conventionally-electrified ‘M hybrid’ mild hybrid petrol and diesel units. So, Mazda is going up-market, in product size, image quality and luxury. Can cars like this one support that move?

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