【YouTube】新型Vezel渋谷スクランブル交差点にハマる/Addicted to the new Vezel Shibuya scramble crossing


#ドラレコ #ヴェゼル #オシャレ


This is an edit of the video reflected on the drive recorder of the new Vezel.
While invading Shibuya Scramble, when the pedestrian traffic light turns green, a wave of people rushes in. I was terrified. Because I have trauma. . . smile

ホンダ車を10年以上愛車として乗ってます。この度、燃費を30km/ℓ位にしたいので、HONDAステップワゴン スパーダからヴェゼルを選択。最初の1ヶ月で1000km走破。平均燃費は26 km/ℓ、平坦な街中で30km/ℓを達成!ヴェゼルに搭載のドライブレコーダー(KENWOOD DRV -MR450での撮影でドライブ動画を紹介してます。現在多くの素材集めに力を入れてドライブ中。登録宜しくお願いします。国の方へ日本は夜も安全であることに触れられると思うので見て欲しいです。

Night view of Ginza, Tokyo. It had been raining so the track was wet, which increased the reflection of light. I felt that Japan has become a tourist powerhouse because the taxis are running so fast. Passing through the bright streets of Ginza, one of Japan’s leading shopping districts, from Hibiya, passing the National Diet Building on the left, heading towards Shinjuku, enjoying the night view.

I have been riding a Honda car as my favorite car for over 10 years. This time, I want to make the fuel consumption about 30km / ℓ, so I chose Vezel from HONDA Step Wagon Spada. Completed 1000km in the first month. Achieved average fuel consumption of 26 km/ℓ and 30 km/ℓ on flat streets! I’m introducing a drive video shot with the drive recorder (KENWOOD DRV-MR450) installed in the bezel. I think you can touch on the fact that it is safe, so I want you to see it.

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