JVC KENWOOD launched the “Portable Battery from LEAF,” which uses recycled batteries from Nissan Motor’s LEAF EV, at Nissan Motor sales outlets on September 1, and will be available on JVC KENWOOD’s direct sales website and other sites by the end of 2023. The price is open price. The price at Nissan Motor sales outlets is 170,500 yen.

Portable power supply using recycled batteries from the “LEAF” electric vehicle

Portable Battery from LEAF
This 633Wh portable power supply has two AC output ports, two USB Type-C and Type-A ports, and one cigar socket. 600W total AC output at 100V (50/60Hz) (1,200W instantaneous maximum/900W total at HIGH-POWER).

It is resistant to heat and cold, and can be used and stored in environments of -20 to 60°C, such as inside a car. By using a high-performance battery at the level used in automobiles, the product can be used safely and securely in an in-vehicle environment.

The batteries also have low self-discharge and can be stored for long periods of time, making them suitable for use as emergency power sources in times of disaster or other emergencies. The battery can be repeatedly recharged approximately 2,000 times for long-term use.

Supports output via 2 AC output ports, USB Type-C port, etc.

Can be used and stored in environments from -20 to 60°C, such as inside a car
The main unit measures 370 x 282 x 205 mm (W x D x H) and weighs 14.4 kg. charging time is approximately 9.5 hours with the AC adapter and 14 hours with the cigar adapter.

Charging time is approximately 14 hours with the cigar adapter.
The product was developed by JVC KENWOOD in collaboration with Nissan Motor and ForR Energy. Nissan Motor is providing product planning and know-how cultivated through automobile development for use in in-vehicle environments, while Four R Energy is developing a secondary use for the LEAF battery and will supply batteries optimized for portable power sources. JVC KENWOOD will manufacture products based on a design optimized for reuse of used batteries.

A post-use collection scheme is under consideration and will be announced later.

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