【YouTube】Afeela prototype concept car that Sony and Honda


The Afeela prototype is a concept car that Sony and Honda are working on together. It is an electric vehicle that features a lot of advanced technology, such as a Media Bar that interacts with passersby, a Snapdragon Digital Chassis that integrates various electronic systems, and a PlayStation-compatible entertainment system. The Afeela prototype was unveiled at the 2023 CES show, and it is expected to be available for preorders in 2025 and deliveries in 2026.
The Afeela prototype has a sleek and futuristic design, with a steering yoke, a panoramic sunroof, and a Kammback shape. The car is also eco-friendly, using recycled and synthetic materials for the interior.
However, Sony and Honda have not revealed much information about the performance, range, or battery of the Afeela prototype, so we will have to wait and see how it compares to other electric cars in the market.

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