【YouTube】Finally confirmed the presence of the next generation Mazda CX-70 2025!


Mazda seems to be on line with an interesting range of SUV
Recently updated with some cars too. will offer a hybrid power-train.
almost certainly the plug-in hybrid power train of the CX-90
the greater one.

Chances are you will get it. A detoon version of the CX-90 that surprisingly delivers on power 323 horsepower and a total torque output of 369 lb-ft.
That’s enough to get the big CX-90 to 60 mph in just 6.2 seconds in our testing. Even if re-tuned, it’s a lighter CX-70 should produce the same number.

Wait for the other CX-70 models?, it’s all a bit confusing.
You can think of the CX-70 as the American version.
from the same basic IDE and we already expected the CX-70 to be similar.

The 2025 CX-70 will use a rear-drive based platform.
The new CX-70 will be rear-wheel drive at its core, that is, if a non-AWD model is offered, then it will use rear wheel drive,
this also changes the overall proportions of the vehicle
with a good dash to axle ratio as we saw on the CX-60 and CX-90, that no front-drive based vehicle can match.

New Mazda CX-70 2025 will get an inline six engine, despite recent confirmation regarding the PHEV variant, we assume the CX-70
It will also offer a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine Lightweight with a capacity of 3.3 liters.

So when will we get the CX-70?
bad news for anyone, who want a top-class two-row car with zoom zoom.
CEO of Mazda North America Tom Donnelly told automotive news, that the CX-70 has been delayed. It was originally expected to launch in 2024.
However, Donnely also said that the New Mazda CX-70 would be launched in 2025.

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