【YouTube】Nissan Ariya review: an electric bill that is skyrocketing!


The all-new Nissan Ariya is the first fully electric crossover SUV from Nissan. The Ariya builds on Nissan’s strength as a pioneer and innovator in electric vehicles, starting with the revolutionary Nissan LEAF, which has accumulated global sales of nearly 600,000 vehicles since its introduction over a decade ago.

Despite its imposing appearance, the ARIYA falls into the category of compact electric SUVs, alongside the Hyundai IONIQ 5, Toyota bZ4X, and Volkswagen ID.4. However, the pricing strategy for the three all-wheel-drive versions of the ARIYA places it at the higher end of the price range, surpassing several more affordable competitors.

Nissan claims that the ARIYA “offers a completely unique driving experience. Serenity, intuitive intelligence, and exhilaration add to a driving experience that both calms and excites. It’s clear that the ARIYA is more than an electric vehicle; it’s a marvel.” However, this statement should be taken with a grain of salt.

The interior of the Ariya features a futuristic and minimalist design. Nissan has eliminated as many buttons as possible to achieve a smooth dashboard that prioritizes a clean aesthetic matching the exterior design. Despite Nissan’s assertion that the Ariya’s interior stands out from traditional car interiors, its minimalist theme seems to be its only distinctive feature.

But who is really willing to spend so much money on an electric car to ‘save’ the environment?

Test model: Nissan ARIYA Evolve+ TA 2023 with Charcoal Simulated Leather Interior
66 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery with a range of 348 km. $78,148 / $1,549 monthly for 60 months at 6.99%, totaling $92,940.

Nissan ARIYA Evolve+ TA
Range: Up to 465 km
Drivetrain: FWD
Battery: 87 kWh
Motor: 178 kW
HP | Torque: 238 | 221 lb-ft
0–100 km (estimate): 7.6 seconds
Charging time (estimate): 40 minutes

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2:57 Interior
5:17 Engine and Performance
5:54 Range
6:40 Energy Consumption
7:20 Driving Experience
9:11 One pedal driving
9:46 FWD or AWD
9:56 Price
10:37 Weak Points / Strong Points
11:32 When will EV be affordable
11:50 Conclusion


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