【YouTube】Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness: The spirit of the mountain goat!


After the Subaru Outback Wilderness and the Subaru Forester Wilderness, here is the all-new Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness! It is the toughest and most well-equipped Crosstrek to tackle the trails!

The additions of the Wilderness package include:

– Improved suspension and all-terrain tires
– 235 millimeters of ground clearance
– Exclusive plastic protective strips
– Exclusive interior and exterior design
– 2.5-liter engine with increased towing capacity to 1,588 kg (3,500 lbs)

The Crosstrek Wilderness is powered by the 2.5-liter Subaru Boxer engine with direct injection, delivering 182 hp and 178 lb-ft of torque. On the drivetrain side, Subaru engineers have revised the differential ratio and recalibrated the CVT Lineartronic for better off-road performance. The total transmission ratio of 4.111 (compared to 3.700) allows the SUV to climb more efficiently, and the new CVT tuning optimizes traction at low speed and on slippery surfaces. Additionally, the addition of an engine oil cooler has more than doubled the maximum towing capacity.

The approach angle increases from 18 degrees on other Crosstrek versions to 20 degrees on the Wilderness, the departure angle from 30.1 to 33.0 degrees, and the ramp angle from 19.7 to 21.1 degrees. The Crosstrek Wilderness is equipped with Yokohama GEOLANDAR all-terrain tires that optimize performance on muddy, gravel, or snowy roads.

This new Crosstrek is as agile as a mountain goat!

Special Guest: Benoit Charette, Automotive Journalist

Test Model: 2024 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness Geyser Blue with all-season upholstery at $46,576.94 tax included. / 60-month financing at 7.49% at $934.06 for a total of $56,043.52

0:00 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness Review
0:05 Guest: Benoit Charette
0:38 Crosstrek Wilderness
0:57 Subaru Crosstrek Versatility
1:17 Exterior
1:42 Too much plastic cladding?
2:54 Interior
3:24 Engine and Performance
3:41 Why not a Crosstrek Turbo?
3:52 CVT Performance
4:25 Improve CVT performance
4:36 Towing Capacity
5:18 Handling and performance
6:55 Subaru Crosstrek Price
7:52 Modded Crosstrek
8:21 Negative Points / Positive Points
9:03 Conclusion


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