【YouTube】PIT IN THE❄️SNOW!❄️Pursuit of shoplifter in Toyota Rav4 – #pit Maneuver sends SUV sliding on the ice


Trooper’s Report:

On January 21st, 2024, I was on patrol around Mayflower Arkansas. I was made aware by the Troop A Communications Center
that the Conway Police Department was requesting assistance and was in the pursuit of a Black Toyota Rav 4 on State
Highway 286 traveling east. With the potential to intercept the pursuit on State Highway 89S, I activated my emergency
equipment and began traveling east on State Highway 89S. Upon reaching the area of State Highway 89S and Clinton Road I
observed the Conway P.D. units traveling east at a high rate of speed approximately one half of a mile ahead of me. I
continued closing the distance on State Highway 89S before reaching Batesville Pike.

While on Batesville Pike I eventually became the primary unit and immediately began attempting a T.V.I. The suspect matched
my movement while traveling at a high rate of speed on the narrow roadway and therefore avoided my T.V.I. attempts. The
pursuit continued from Batesville Pike to Tates Mill Road. At the intersection of Tates Mill Rd. and State Highway 107 the
suspect traveled through the intersection onto State Highway 89S at a high rate of speed without regard for others. While on
State Highway 89S the suspect traveled at a high rate of speed into the opposite lane of traffic narrowly avoiding collision with
civilian vehicles. The suspect continued east on State Highway 89S before reaching the intersection of State Highway 5.

Upon reaching the intersection of State Highway 5 the suspect was forced to slow down due to traffic ahead. Once clearing the
intersection and entering West main Street in Cabot, I began to attempt a T.V.I. Upon contacting the suspect vehicle, I
observed an oncoming vehicle and backed out of the T.V.I. in fear of forcing the suspect vehicle into the oncoming vehicle. A
short distance later I observed the shoulder of West Main Street to widen allowing more space to conduct a T.V.I. After passing
two cars and seeing an opening I was able to move to the passenger side of the suspect vehicle and conduct a T.V.I.

The suspect vehicle rotated counterclockwise approximately 180 degrees, left the roadway to the south, entered the ditch, and
traveled upright across a yard backwards approximately 100 yards before final rest. I observed the air bags to be deployed and
knew the suspect vehicle was disabled. While attempting to pin the driver’s door shut to avoid a foot pursuit the suspect jumped
from the suspect vehicle and fell onto the ground. The momentum of my patrol car on the snow carried through and the front of
my patrol car bumped the driver’s door of the suspect vehicle at a slow speed. The suspect then ran in an eastward direction. I
gave chase and tackled her to the ground. The suspect was taken into custody without further incident.

Officers from the Conway Police Department searched the suspect vehicle. The vehicle contained a large amount of stolen
property from retail stores located within the city of Conway. Conway P.D. took custody of the suspect and the suspect vehicle
was towed by Cabot Wrecker Service.

The suspect will be charged with the following:
Driving on a Suspended License
Felony Fleeing

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