【YouTube】Honda Fit (GR1, 2020) rear wiper



This is the 4th generation Honda Fit, which released in February 2020 in Japan.
The Fit rear wiper was placed on the colored resin part upper the tailgate license plate, from 1st generation to 3rd generation. It is placed on rear windshield for the first time in the 4th generation.
If a black wiper is placed on the exterior colored part, the wiper will stand out strongly. So it is made inconspicuous by placing it on black colored glass. This is also a design that pursues “Comfort”, which is the design theme of the 4th generation Fit.
By the way, the direction of the rear wiper is consistently on the left side from the 1st generation to 4th generation. When the driver of a right hand drive car, looks back and looks behind the car, driver mainly looks at the left side. The initial position of the wiper should be on the left side -other side of the driver- to ensure that the glass on the left side is clean.
Please compare it with the rear wiper on 3rd and 4th generation Fit.

歴代フィット | Honda Fit/Jazz histories;
1st; GD1, 2001

2nd; GE6, 2007

3rd; GK3, 2013

4th; GR1, 2020

Bカテゴリーハッチバック各車の後ろのワイパー | rear wiper of B category hatchbacks;
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Honda Fit (4th, GR1, 2020)

室内から | inside view

運転席から | driver’s view

運転席から後ろのワイパーを見た (ヘッドレスト使用状態) | rear wiper look back from driver’s seat, with headrest

運転席から後ろのワイパーを見た (ヘッドレスト格納状態) | rear wiper look back from driver’s seat, without headrest

後ろのワイパー | rear wiper

Aピラーの拭き残し | A pillar side unwiped area

運転席前の扇形 | fan shape unwiped area

助手席前の三角形 | passenger side unwiped area

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