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Prorata is India’s first fractional car ownership platform.

Now, you can co-own your dream car by paying as minimum as 8.33% of the total cost of the car for your occasional & experiential use.

No! It’s a no loan, no EMI, no down payment & no rent policy.

With 1 car, 12 tickets are sold and 1 ticket is 8.33% of the total cost of the car, and it gives you 30 days of usage per year for 5 years.

After 5 years, the car is sold to the highest bidder and all the co-owners get the re-sale value back according to their percentage of ownership in the car.

Based on your usage, you can buy up to 3 tickets for the car and it will give you more usage which is 60 days or 90 days.

Accordingly, we form a group of 4-12 people from one society interested in co-owning the same car.

Afterward, all the co-owners use our app to reserve dates whenever they need the car.

P.S.- This model doesn’t serve your daily commute needs. It’s only for your occasional and experiential use.

Please download our app or visit our website to understand the entire model. The link is in the bio.

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