【YouTube】Nissan ki 2 Electric Gariyaan ‘Leaf aur Nismo'”Aik Charge mei chalay 400 Kilo Meters tk”


Nissan ki 2 Electric Gariyaan ‘Leaf aur Nismo’
“Aik Charge mei chalay 400 Kilo Meters tk”
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The Nissan Leaf (Japanese: 日産・リーフ, Hepburn: Nissan Rīfu), stylized as “LEAF,” is a battery-electric powered compact car manufactured by Nissan, produced since 2010 across two generations. It has been offered exclusively as a 5-door hatchback. The term “LEAF” serves as a backronym to leading environmentally-friendly affordable family car.

The Leaf was unveiled on 1 August 2009 as the world’s first mass market electric and zero-emission vehicle. Among other awards and recognition, it received the 2010 Green Car Vision Award, the 2011 European Car of the Year, the 2011 World Car of the Year, and the 2011–2012 Car of the Year Japan. A second-generation Leaf was introduced in October 2017. The Leaf’s range on a full charge has been steadily increased from 117 km (73 miles) to 364 km (226 miles) (EPA rated) by the use of larger battery packs and several minor improvements.

Global sales across both generations totaled 577,000 by February 2022. As of September 2021, European sales totaled more than 208,000, and as of December 2021, over 165,000 had been sold in the U.S., and 157,000 in Japan. The Leaf was the world’s all-time top selling plug-in electric car until it was surpassed in early 2020 by the Tesla Model 3.

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