【YouTube】Honda Fit, Jazz, Life (GR1, 2020) wipers


拭き残し→Aピラー 5.5cm、運転席前の扇形 11cm、助手席前の三角形 5㎝、室内からのワイパー見え無し

“Japan Wiper of the Year” evaluation criteria
1) Unwiped area at A Pillar side; 5.5cm
2) Fan-shaped unwiped area in front of the driver; 11.0cm
3) Triangle unwiped area in front of the passenger side; 5.0cm
4) Wipers are completely hidden from the driver when not in use; completely hidden, great!!

This is the 4th generation Honda Fit, Jazz, or Life, which released in February 2020 in Japan.
The Fit was developed with a focus on “comfortable visibility”, so the front wipers are housed below the bottom edge of the front windshield, and they are completely hidden from the driver’s view. It is a great initiative.
The “Unwiped area at A Pillar side” is based on black area on the frame, so it is a little larger at 5.5cm. This is because the black area on the frame is narrowed to the limit by the ultra-fine A pillar. If there was a general black area on the frame of about 3cm, there would have been more small “Unwiped area at A Pillar side”.
In addition, it is regrettable that the “Fan-shaped unwiped area in front of the driver seat” exceeds 10cm and the “Triangle unwiped area in front of the passenger seat” remains as much as 5cm.
The Fit is that the front windshield is long in the vertical direction, and the driver sitting position is little bit high from the floor, so in order to wiper the ADAS front camera at the top of the front windshield, it have to set the wipers that emphasizes wiping the upper side. This is the same suffering as a SUV or minivan.
Please compare it with 4 generations from the 1st to the latest, 20 years of evolution. Or each hatchback cars in the same B category.

歴代フィット | Honda Fit, Jazz histories;
1st; GD1, 2001

2nd; GE6, 2007

3rd; GK3, 2013

4th; GR1, 2020

Bカテゴリーハッチバック各車 | B category hatchbacks;
トヨタ ヤリス | Toyota Yaris (XP210, 2020)

トヨタ アクア | Toyota Aqua (XPK10, 2021)

Honda e (ZC7, 2020)

日産 ノート | Nissan Note (E13, 2020)

マツダ デミオ | Mazda Demio, Mazda 2 (DJ, 2014)

スズキ スイフト | Suzuki Swift (ZC83S, 2017)

Volks Wagen Polo (6th, AW, 2018)

Honda Fit, Jazz, Life (GR1, 2020)

室内から | inside view
運転席から | driver’s view
運転席から後ろのワイパーを見た (ヘッドレスト使用状態) | rear wiper look back from driver’s seat, with headrest

運転席から後ろのワイパーを見た (ヘッドレスト格納状態) | rear wiper look back from driver’s seat, without headrest

後ろのワイパー | rear wiper

Aピラーの拭き残し | A pillar side unwiped area

運転席前の扇形 | fan shape unwiped area

助手席前の三角形 | passenger side unwiped area

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