【YouTube】2024 Honda ZR-V e:HEV Advance (Diamond Dust Metallic) – Exterior, Interior, and Driving


All-new ZR-V combines beautiful design, powerful performance and exceptional dynamics with outstanding comfort

• The all-new ZR-V is Honda’s latest electrified SUV model, offering the perfect blend of strong performance, robustness, and comfort
• C-segment SUV bridges the gap between the HR-V and CR-V
• Stylish, powerful, yet clean design continues evolution of Honda design language

The all-new Honda ZR-V cuts a unique silhouette in the C-SUV segment through a compelling combination of sophisticated styling, a high-quality interior, and an exciting yet comfortable drive. The all-new ZR-V has been engineered to inspire confidence, encourage freedom and appeal to a wide range of European customers.

Bridging the gap between the HR-V and the new CR-V, the ZR-V is the latest Honda SUV to come with the company’s highly acclaimed e:HEV hybrid powertrain as standard. Revised for its application to this model, it continues to offer a unique blend of exceptional performance and efficiency across all road types, from the highway to country lanes. As such, the clean yet powerful 2.0-litre, four-cylinder direct injection engine works in conjunction with two motors to provide exhilarating performance usually associated with sports hatchbacks.

The elegant exterior design of the ZR-V is defined by the timeless mixture of smooth uninterrupted surfaces that flow from front to rear, with precise panel gaps and tightly defined detailing features, such as the sharply creased belt line. Initiated at the front through the slimline headlights, with clearly defined light signatures, and a large, stylised grille, the noiseless appearance continues down the clean flanks and culminates with a bold rear bumper and taillights that are neatly integrated with the tailgate.

ZR-V’s dimensions place it at the centre of Honda’s European SUV range, and provides exceptional spaciousness, practicality, and comfort within a compact package. During the design process, Honda engineers focused on delivering a stylish, elegant cabin that subtly integrates and maximises useful functionality, ensuring the cabin is both aesthetically and functionally beautiful. This allows for ease of use in everyday life thanks to a range of stowage points and useful functions such as multiple USB charging slots.

This is complemented by high-quality materials, detailed finishing, and subtle lighting to create a premium ambience. The low set dashboard and raised central console, alongside plush knee pads and arm rests, have the effect of cosseting occupants, while sophisticated HMI technology keeps driver and passengers connected to the outside world, in addition to the functionality of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The ZR-V is the latest Honda vehicle to feature the company’s advanced suite of Honda SENSING technologies as standard. Combined with a comprehensive airbag system and impressive all-round collision performance, the ZR-V achieves high levels of both active and passive safety.

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