【YouTube】ALL NEW HONDA ZR-V 2025 – Walkaround OVERVIEW, interior & exterior


ALL NEW HONDA ZR-V 2025 – Walkaround OVERVIEW, interior & exterior

The Honda ZR-V arrives as a new mid-size SUV offering from the Japanese automaker, slotting between the compact HR-V and larger CR-V. With rivals like the Nissan Qashqai, Hyundai Tucson, and Kia Sportage vying for buyers’ attention, the ZR-V needs to impress. Unfortunately, while stylish and efficient, it falls short in practicality.

Quirky Styling Inside And Out
The ZR-V’s exterior styling is rather quirky, looking like three different designers penned the front, sides, and rear before mashing them together. It’s an odd aesthetic that doesn’t gel with Honda’s other SUV offerings. Thankfully, the interior fares better, taking cues from the excellent new Civic with a modern design, good material quality, and user-friendly layout.

While up front space is ample, the same can’t be said for rear seat room. Taller occupants may find headroom tight, especially with the panoramic sunroof fitted to range-topping Advance trims robbing inch space. Under-thigh support also leaves something to be desired.

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