【YouTube】Tony explains the market on the Zanardi edition NSX


Tony Rienzi talks about the up coming market prediction on the best up coming investment the 1999 Zanardi edition NSX. Most collectors are forgetting about this gem in the dust, as Tony shows the world that it doesn’t mater…. they only built 51 and this is prim example.
This isn’t your run of the mill import, in our generation this is a exotic, growing up with super hero’s like Alex Zanardi the NSX holds it’s worth much like the man who is still racing and pilots the BMW GT Team.
Out of the many different design changes and models only one comes to mined in the quest for the best Colector cars you could own and that’s the 1999 Zanardi NSX.



Produced by: George Hammerbeck

Editing by: George Hammerbeck

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