【YouTube】Bargain Exotic: Acura NSX | Depreciation Nation


From the supercar’s inception… reliability has been a bit of a muse.

Supercars are bold, outrageous, and no one purchases one with economies of scale in question.

Honda shook the world when they introduced their NSX at the Chicago Auto Show in 1989 as a 1990 model.

The car presented with a 3.0 liter V6 making 252hp, went 0-60 in 5.2 seconds, and achieved a top speed of 162 mph all in a svelte, mid-engine package that would later become the inspiration for Gordon Murray’s McLaren F1.

This car hit the scene ready to challenge the likes of Ferrari with Honda reliability.

Today, we bring you Benson’s 1992 Acura NSX with 83k miles. This car has a fantastic story, bought at a low in the depreciation swing.

This is another car we lusted after in its day.

We are going to walk you around the car, drive the car, and talk amenities and features.

So… come along with us as we take a deep look at the car that would later redefine the expectation for supercars everywhere.

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